Help & Controls

The goal of the game is to solve 30 levels with increasing difficulty. You can find and download more levels created by the Mister Tins community on the Level Packs page. You can also create your own levels in the Sandbox mode and publish your own level packs.

You can play Mister Tins using a keyboard or an Xbox 360 controller connected to your computer (see below).

To complete a level, reach the target block marked with a blue circle.

You can move in four directions and jump. You can also push a box if the block behind it is not occupied.

There are three kinds of doors marked with different colors: yellow, green and purple. To open the doors, place boxes on all trigger blocks marked with circles of the corresponding color.

If you make a wrong move, you can rewind time by up to ten seconds.

When you place a box on a red trigger, fall from too high or fall into water, you can rewind time back to safety. Otherwise, the game ends.



Xbox 360 Controller


Note: In order to use an Xbox 360 controller, you need to install the Windows drivers. To use a wireless controller, you also need a wireless gaming receiver. For more information please refer to the Set up your Xbox 360 controller for Windows article on